Know Our Story !


Jazba: Helping Hands is a youth-based and youth focusing ‘not for profit organization’, founded by Ms Surbhi Jain in September 2019 with Mr Vishrut Ashthana being the co-founder. They got their initiative registered under societies Registration act in December 2019. Changing the world by merely starting an NGO can sound unrealistic but Ms Surbhi follows the notion of ‘Nothing changes if nothing changes’, and motives the youth to work for the underprivileged section of our society with whatever they can. She had a vision and passion for starting an NGO since she started college.


The NGO’s primary task revolves around the welfare of children and their basic needs like education, food and hygiene. However it doesn’t only limit its areas to the children, its motto is to help all those in need with all the resources they can allocate.


Need for Healthy Well-Beings

In urban areas, various angles of a child’s life are known to people and are generally taken care of but people living in slum areas have a different type of mindset which restricts them to take care of the education and overall development of their children. Developing healthy characteristics in both children and the elders is the need of the time.
“Well-being of health is not just about being physically fit but mentally strong as well.”

Need for food in bellies

It’s the duty of the privileged section of the society, especially the youth, the future of the nation to help those in need. It doesn’t matter how many people you can help at a time but if a human sleeps with food in their belly on a particular night because of you then you are the part of a healthy cycle. You are the part of the change and no change is ever considered as small.

Smiles on Faces!

The smiles we see on faces of the tiny tots after the session we conduct or after receiving gifts from us and the satisfaction of giving back to society is what keeps us going. These kids do possess the courage and talent to come out from where they are but the hope and the path to come out is lost. Youth must consider it as their duty to help these kids find a way to come out of the web of despair and have stardust in their souls.

Challenges we faced

Building trust in their hearts

The biggest challenge for any non-profit organization is to alter the narrow thoughts that people are building in their minds since birth. Comforting and gaining the trust of people residing in the slum areas we adopt is another challenge, without trust there is no understanding, and without understanding bringing a change is a real task. We should respect their traditions and sentiments in every step of our way.

Building a Team of like-minded

To build a team with like-minded people who want to provide a helping hand to the society without the greed of profit is yet another challenge, to keep them motivated, train them to understand the needs of other people or other socio-cultural sections. Ms. Surbhi proved to be an amazing mentor to all the people who have worked with her. Also to get people to work in other departments at Jazba that every organization needs is a task which demanded our attention.

Turn shortcomings into success

Children are the most valuable asset of this world and working for their betterment is the noblest task one could plan on doing. It is so unfortunate that many people who have the capability to change this world lack basic necessities and their potential goes in vain. It is the duty of privileged youth to help them to achieve success in life and to bring out their true abilities.
“To make the best out of everything is not just a common saying but something we should develop in ourselves.”


What type of organization is Jazba and what does it do?

Jazba is a Non-Profit Organisation which works for providing basic necessities to people living in underprivileged areas. It has adopted slum areas and it will expand its reach with time.

What type of necessities are provided by Jazba?

Jazba distributes food, clothes and sanitary napkins in its adopted slum areas. Other than that it helps in educating the children residing there. People working for Jazba believe that every single child has the potential to change the world and to fly with infinite colours, all they need is someone to teach them how to fly with letting them know about their own capabilities.

What is the main goal of Jazba?

The main aim of jazba is to see every single human going to bed with food in their bellies, clothes on their body and a subtle state of mind.

How can an NGO achieve such big goals?

I think that no change is ever small. Every single effort counts, no matter how many people you were able to feed today, if you tried your best, you win. With such ambitions and will in their hearts to achieve them, just an NGO like us can reach anywhere

What are the future goals of Jazba?

Team Jazba is planning to expand their organisation, getting more people and volunteers involved to help more people. It will try its best to reach out to more people and ensure their well being.

Is Jazba a registered NGO?

Yes, Jazba is registered under societies registration act. The registration number for our NGO is- S-E/1701/distt. South east/2019.

Does Jazba accept donations? If yes, what are the platforms and limit of donations?

Yes, Jazba accepts donations through Paytm, GooglePay and Bank transfers. The limit of donation is Rs.1000 for each individual.

Where is the registered office for this NGO?

27, Church Lane Bhogal Jangpura, New Delhi-110014

Does Jazba accept donations in kind?

Yes, Jazba accepts donations in kind as well. If you live anywhere near its registered office, the team would be more than okay to schedule a meet up to receive the items.
Otherwise, you can courier it to the registered address.

Do we work for any other slum area than the two adopted ones?

We’ve adopted two slum areas, Shrinivaspuri and Lodhi road slum area. Currently, our work is limited to these areas only but we are planning to expand it soon. We have a list of people living in those 2 slum areas through which we conduct the distribution drive.

What is the age group of the people working in Jazba?

Jazba is a youth-driven organization, it hires mostly young people belonging to the age group of 15-25.

What type of activities does jazba conducts?

As mentioned before, jazba conducts food, cloth and sanitary pad distribution drive. Other than that, we set various meetings to aware people about different things such as we conduct workshops on human trafficking, the need for hygiene. We conduct talk sessions especially for women to teach them about personal hygiene and the importance of using a pad. We celebrate festivals with the people living in those slum areas like visiting them on Diwali and Holi.
We plan activities that try to include more and more youth like we stared Gaming For Cause, especially for youth to contribute in the best way they can. Similarly, in ‘Each one feed one’ campaign we motivated youth to help people who need us and help us to feed them by volunteering.

How do we hire interns?

Jazba is always open to hiring new interns, we find the most suitable profile for them to work under. The basic criteria for our hiring process are the age factor. As we said we are a youth-driven organization, we only hire students who are in schools or colleges.

Do we hire paid interns or employees?

No, currently our whole focus to do something for the society. Our main concern is to help the underprivileged people, so we don’t pay our interns for now.

Are we open for collaborations?

Jazba welcomes collaborations of all kinds, with CSRs, Enactus Cells, NSS cells and any other group working with an aim of social welfare.