Know Our Story !


Jazba: Helping Hands is a youth-based and youth focusing ‘not for profit organization’, founded by Ms Surbhi Jain in September 2019 with Mr Vishrut Ashthana being the co-founder. They got their initiative registered under societies Registration act in December 2019. Changing the world by merely starting an NGO can sound unrealistic but Ms Surbhi follows the notion of ‘Nothing changes if nothing changes’, and motives the youth to work for the underprivileged section of our society with whatever they can. She had a vision and passion for starting an NGO since she started college.


The NGO’s primary task revolves around the welfare of children and their basic needs like education, food and hygiene. However it doesn’t only limit its areas to the children, its motto is to help all those in need with all the resources they can allocate.


Need for Health Well-Being

In urban areas, various angles of a child’s life are known to people and are generally taken care of but people living in slum areas have a different type of mindset which restricts them to take care of the education and overall development of their children. Developing healthy characteristics in both children and the elders is the need of the time.

Need for food in bellies

It’s the duty of the privileged section of the society especially the youth, the future of the nation to help those in need. It doesn’t matter how many you can help at a time but if a human sleeps with food in their belly on a particular night because of you then you are already the part of a healthy cycle.

Smiles on Faces!

The smiles we see on faces of the tiny tots after the session we conduct or after receiving gifts from us and the satisfaction of giving back to society is what keeps us going. These kids do possess the courage and talent to come out from where they are but the hope and the path to come out is lost. Youth must consider it as their duty to help these kids find a way to come out of the web of despair and have stardust in their souls.

Challenges we faced

Mobilizing People for Cause

The biggest challenge for any non-profit organization is to alter the narrow thoughts that people are building in their minds since birth. Comforting and gaining the trust of people residing in the slum areas we adopt is another challenge, without trust there is no understanding, and without understanding bringing a change is a real task. We have to respect their traditions and sentiments in every aspect of our process.

Building a Team of like-minded

To build a team with like-minded people who want to provide a helping hand to the society without the greed of profit is yet another challenge, to keep them motivated, train them to understand the needs of other people or other socio-cultural sections. Ms Surbhi proved to be an amazing mentor to all the people who have worked with her. Also to get people to work in other departments at Jazba that every organization needs is a task which demanded our attention.

Turn shortcomings into success

Children are the most valuable asset of this world and working for their betterment is the noblest task one could plan on doing. It is so unfortunate that many people who have the capability to change this world lack basic necessities and their potential goes in vain. It is the duty of privileged youth to help them to achieve success in life and to bring out their true abilities.