To Give Them Wings

Awareness about women hygiene in India is not just the need of the hour but the most important goal to work for.

We have been successful in reaching more than 100 underprivileged women. Volunteers tried their best to spread awareness about the significance of hygiene and worked immensely towards it.

The Problem


When you realize that tax is levied on ‘luxurious’ items and sanitary napkins come with a tax, do you want to blow the system up or stand and tell them to BACK OFF because periods are no luxury, honey? Sanitary napkins should not be a choice, it should rather be a right. And rights are priceless. So sanitary napkins should be free of cost. Weirdly, a thing like periods and pads can be a taboo in India even in the 21st century. A person above the age of 14 knows that periods are responsible for you being born, and if men still find it absurd to talk about it, then we don not know where the world is going.

Move for cause

Our Efforts

Poor menstrual hygiene leads to various diseases some of which are serious like cervical cancer, Reproductive tract infections, and hepatitis B infection. Team Jazba realized how important women’s healthcare is and how disastrously it’s being handled.
We will work until the last effort in us dies, which we suppose is going to happen when we take our last breath.

Women Reached

1:1 Sessions



We know that we couldn’t reach everyone but if we were successful in saving even a single woman from getting infected through our efforts then we won.

“If bread is the first necessity of life, recreation is a close second.”

— Edward Bellamy

Other Campaigns

Project Shikshalaya

Yes, the name gave it away. This is our effort to educate the young minds, to allow them to think, and to encourage them to grow up being a resource for society rather than being a burden. The members of Team Jazba visited our slum areas and provided basic education to children residing there, with the main emphasis on English and confidence build-up.

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Cloth Donation Drive

Clothes are one of the very basic needs of a human. When a person sleeps naked on a chilly night, the hearts of the privileged sections ache by seeing how unfair this universe is to these people. We, the members of Jazba, distributed used clothes during winters in our adopted slum areas through a cloth distribution drive and we are looking forward to having another one soon.

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