Word with Changemakers

Spreading a word, to change the world.

Jazba conducts sessions with the most rational and realistic people on Instagram Live every once in a while and asks noteworthy questions from them so as to be a source of insight to its audience.

The Problem


With help of such people who have true wisdom, Jazba aims to bring a change in the world. And endeavors to educate people with the benefits of charity and inculcating a sense of helping and kindness. Also it serves as hub of different types of topics like fitness, impact of anxiety.

Other Campaigns

To Give Them Wings

Periods are the most natural phenomenon of the human body and the fact that it is still one of the biggest taboos in our country not only shows how behind we are in the development of our minds but also creates the need for awareness among people, especially the backward sections of the society. Team Jazba distributed pads among women living in slum areas and educated them about the importance of menstrual hygiene through various drives and workshops.

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Project Shikshalaya

Yes, the name gave it away. This is our effort to educate the young minds, to allow them to think, and to encourage them to grow up being a resource for society rather than being a burden. The members of Team Jazba visited our slum areas and provided basic education to children residing there, with the main emphasis on English and confidence build-up.

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