Project Shikshalaya

Ensuring basic education for every child, providing them a chance to shine.

More than 30 volunteers have worked together for over 65 hours till date to provide basic education to children living in slum areas.


There is no doubt in the saying that education gives wings to children. Think of a bird who always dreamy of flying, who had the most potential and will to work for it. The only thing that is stopping her is being wingless.

It is sad that education is a luxury for these kids. There so many children out there who are ready to work hard. Who are ready to give their best in education and who’s always been ready to give up anything for getting a subtle education, the problem being they should have something to give it up in the first place.

Move for cause
Hardcore Dedication

In India, there are still many adults who think education isn’t necessary but they account for the illiterate, poor, and inconsiderate population who themselves were never taught the importance of education.
Team JAZBA has worked immensely hard to teach as many students as they possibly can. It worked over 65 hours with more than 30 volunteers in two slum areas to bestow basic education to the underprivileged.
It is well known that knowledge is like a shriveled plant without creativity, Jazba knows it well and have conducted various art and craft classes for tiny tots.
Education is not only limited to subjects. Through Shikshlaya we also taught them about hygiene to 180 students.  


Students Reached



Students Reached


Sessions Conducted


Child Trafficking Session

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Session on Pollution

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Republic Day Celebrations

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Session on

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Regular English

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Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

“Teach the children, so it will not be necessary to teach the adults.”

— Abraham Lincoln

Other Campaigns

Cloth Donation Drive

Clothes are one of the very basic needs of a human. When a person sleeps naked on a chilly night, the hearts of the privileged sections ache by seeing how unfair this universe is to these people. We, the members of Jazba, distributed used clothes during winters in our adopted slum areas through a cloth distribution drive and we are looking forward to having another one soon.

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Word With Changemakers

Change is something that has been misunderstood to a point where it is only seen as either a negative thing or something so big that a major difference could be seen with bare eyes. What we tend to miss is that every step matters, small steps taken towards the ultimate goal is better than no steps taken in the long run. Talking with the most influential people about various things that make a difference in one’s life, Jazba established a platform through which people can be encouraged to not being okay with the status quo.

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