Meet Team JAZBA


Surbhi Jain

I believe that the young and ambitious social entrepreneurs out there need to understand that if they put their heart and soul into their dreams, there is nothing that can abstain them from achieving heights and maturity which they need.

Vishrut Asthana

It all started with a mere thought, A thought to bring a change in the society, a thought to lend a helping hand to the society. Soon this thought became my passion and passion created an opportunity and we started this Not For Profit Organization.

Core Team

Permanent Member
(Since April 2020)

I didn’t think about ‘social cause’ or the NGO factor a lot before taking the content writer job but now when I see what Jazba does and how it feels to see people helping the unfortunate humans, I can’t wait to physically join the team and help it in the brilliant projects.

Ashween Kaur
Permanent Member
(Since January 2020)

Working with Jazba as a marketing intern was one of the most splendid exposures I have had. The reasons are many, few being that Jazba delivers a sense of empathy and makes people realize the importance of helping out our fellow human beings, in all the possible ways one can.

Radhika Chawla
Marketing & PR Head
(Since November 2019)

This journey has been amazing and I got to learn a lot while working with people from different colleges and different streams. We had one thing in common, a similar mindset, we stood up for a cause and we were devoted to help people in any way we could.